Technological goal is in or is not there?

June 17, 2012

We have said in our special dedicated to the World Cup: the current edition on Brazilian soil is the first to adopt the so-called Goal Line Technology which is a technology developed to help the referee and his assistants to make quick decisions on so-called ghost goal. In other words, a complex system composed of cameras and software can provide a clear answer in a few seconds and some to the question is in or is not there?


It was enough to wait until the fourth day of the tournament to see it in action. We are in the 48th minute of France-Honduras Enema receives a perfect pass from the right, coordinates and firing in from an intended bottom of the bag. However, the ball bounces on the pole to the left of the goalkeeper only to end up in the hands of Validates a little ‘clumsily pushes him towards the line rather than block it.

Technological goal

That all happens in fractions of a second goalkeeper realizes the error and does everything possible to remedy before it is too late, the ball to bring it within the field of play. In the moments after confusion reigns in the field and the referee had no alternative but to rely on technology FIFA to formalize the second goal in favor of the French national team.

It is in effect the first real technological goals for Brazil 2014. The use of the system has not avoided the light of controversy between supporters of “was in” and who claims that the analysis of the replay the ball has exceeded all of the white line. Matter of inches, maybe even millimeters, that make the difference between a network and the attacker validated a sigh of relief for those who defend. According to Casey Keller, ABC commentator and former goalkeeper of the national plan, the ball would not be coming into port in its entirety, at least according to the pictures provided by television replays.

To add fuel to the fire was also the message shown on the big screen Bier-Rio stadium: “No Goal“. Here is what sparked the fury of the Honduran soccer players and fans in the stands. The message, however, was misinterpreted, as it related to the non-allocation of network Benzema, as his shot hit the post. The official score sheet shows in fact an own goal by goalkeeper Valladares and not a mark of the attacker French.