Study reveals Mesothelioma Link to Nanotechnology

September 20, 2012

Mesothelioma has long been linked to the inhalation and exposure to asbestos fibers and dust together, such as a scientist, an additional possible cause uncovered for this incurable form of lung cancer, the unthinkable became reality.



According to researchers from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington DC, the early 90s, the development of carbon nanotubes is an amazing accomplishment for technological applications, but it has not gone without its price . In particular, carbon nanotubes could cause harm to the human body in the form of mesothelioma cancer
When the carbon nanotubes introduced into the wrong environment, is the development of lesions and inflammation of the lungs – similar symptoms of Mesothelioma Cancer and Asbestos . Animals were exposed to the carbon nanotubes, as the researchers was discovered the link. Dr. Andrew Maynard, who published a study in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, described the use of nanotubes and the potential link to mesothelioma cancer. The ability to conduct heat and electricity for nanotubes is what drives their use it. Said

Most Dr. Maynard explains, the nanotubes are converted into exercise equipment. There are no regulations in place with nanotechnology and the use of nanotubes.


What are Nanotubes?

According to Maynard, nanotubes are a product of nanotechnology research, one he considered the “poster child” of nanotechnology. The nanotubes are cylindrical structures of carbon atoms, which have been rolled together together. Mice exposed nanotubes developed mesothelioma-like symptoms in the lungs, after Maynard study. Nanotubes are considered safe to off
The use of nanotubes comprises:.

  •  a variety of sports equipment
  • bicycle frame
  • tennis rackets
  • electronic gas detectors
  • Radio

In addition, because of the strength of nanotubes consider many future use to strongly affect several business ventures and areas, and are widely used in industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automobile
  • aircraft
  • TV box productions
  • Medical
  • Environmental applications

Using Nanotubes

While with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) conducts research on nanotoxicology, there is little knowledge or research currently relating to the safe handling of nanotechnology.

In addition, Dr. Maynard, that because of the growing nanotechnology industry, which will be probably worth 2600000000000 $ 2014, it will be difficult to adequately and accurately assess nanotechnology safety because of the rapid growth of technology, which also used in the food industry.
transparency of nanotoxicology at some nanotechnologically produced products may in the fall the hands of producers and producers, John M. Balbus, heatlh program director for the Environmental Defense Fund, told the Washington Post that thrive on open communication, nanotechnology, but without they occur, another wave of ignorance mesothelioma victims.
However, he noted that it is possible in advance of the communication about the dangers of nanotechnology with the public because of past mistakes of other industries in hiding mesothelioma conditions from the public.
Finding Help with Nanotube increase related mesothelioma made
people, especially nanotube factory workers who have been with carbon nanotubes have worked or associated with the potential risks should be given with the nanotubes and developing mesothelioma medical help immediately suspended. It may be necessary for these people to find a law firm with the knowledge of mesothelioma-related litigation to develop a mesothelioma lawsuit.

Nanotechnology is a rapidly sought industry, and with millions, if not billions of dollars funneling into it, it becomes imperative for the combination of nanotechnology and mesothelioma.
For more exposed, because only 5 percent of the funds, which is annually billions of dollars going through the proposed National Nanotechnology Institute towards health and safety research, it is important for people with nanotube-induced mesothelioma, a provide action suffering financial compensation for the victims of these irreversible and fatal lung cancer can develop.