The open office spaces of Innovation Endeavors, Talenthouse and Institute for the Future will be ready for hacking and artistic exploration. There will be power; super happy / screaming fast internet; and extension cords galore for your plug and play needs. Tables will be grouped in typical Dev House style, with standing canvasses and other artistic muse will be interspersed throughout the hackspaces for all to enjoy. Bring your own art supplies or enjoy the creative bounty of colors, paints, brushes, canvasses and other mediums on-site. The Innovation Endeavors hackspace is designed to be collaborative and startup friendly. Talenthouse hackspace is designed to be more whimsical, artistic and inspirational. Institute for the Future hackspace is designed be more quiet and focused. Artists, hackers, makers, creatives and engineers will be interspersed throughout and collaboration is encouraged in all hackspaces.

City of the Future

A surprise installation will showcase the history of collaboration and community in Palo Alto. Meander through time’s travels past, including historic manifestations of collaboration on the High Street Innovation Corridor itself, and wider Palo Alto. Take a few more steps forward and imagine what a city might look like in the future. Muse how California communities may evolve. Be guided through this meander by resident Future Forecasters from Institute for the Future.

Day Start Yurt & Silent Disco

The Day Star shall not be shunned on March 31. Give refuge to your screen within the white dome of the Day Star Yurt assembled in the center of High Street. Inside you will find a live DJ spinning Super Happy Silent Disco beats. Now what is a Silent Disco you ask? Live beats stream to your headphones instead of the ethers. Silent Disco listening divas and divos can individually tune into one of the three stations jamming during Super Happy Block Party Hackathon. We will be circuiting various music options for you to enjoy.

Hack the Future Tent

Come one, come all! This Dev House is super happy kid friendly! A self-directed Hackathon for kids ages 10-19 will be facilitated by the Hack the Future mentors and Code Heros. Bring your petite protoge cousin, your mini-me, your little beings, or your friend’s kids to see what it is like to be a hacker. The structure of the event is a set of stations where an activity is provided. Each activity is an open-ended workshop intended to get a student interested enough to continue on their own. There will be female mentors to especially encourage girls to get involved.

Popup Innovation Parking Lot

The innovative wonders and creations found along the High Street Innovation Corridor will be on interactive display in the Popup Innovation Parking Lot. Parklets (parkings spaces) will be claimed in the parking lot next to Innovation Endeavors by local startups and businesses. These parklets will be creatively “pimped out” to best represent the culture, arete aspiration of the organization. The purpose of parking local startups and businesses together is to make these innovators and their innovations accessible to the public, to the hackers and to the artists and creatives. Startups hold court for the day by feeding the meter, however, everything within the parklet space is up for interaction, question and curiosity! Come profess your love on camera to help save the Hacker Dojo hackspace at parklet #3, or sign up for the “VC Pitching Booth” in parklet #7. Spaces have been reserved for our neighbors including: Dogpatch Labs, Pulse, Pinterest, AppBacker, Flipboard and HealthTap amongst others. Contact [email protected] to reserve one of the remaining parklets (24 total spaces).

Foodtrucks and Public Art Space

Fleets of colorful and delicious food trucks will be sent by The Mobile Gourmet throughout the event. Super happy culinary mash-ups from your local favorites will be created and debuted at Super Happy Block Party. It has been promised that a coffee truck will be there 24/7. Steps from the food trucks, we will present a public art space for people to create and participate in a full-length canvassed mural on the exterior of Talenthouse.

Super Happy Block Party Check-in

High Street will be blocked off for optimal collaboration in the street between University and Hamilton. At each entrance to the innovation and collaboration playground, a welcoming party will greet you to direct you to your preferred hackspace or activity area. The event is a paperless event but there will be a Super Happy App.

Soap Box Stage East & West

We tip our hats to an event held two blocks away in 2005 that spawned a new approach to innovation. The unconference approach to collaboration originated at Social Text’s Bar Camp event in August of 2005. Unconferences are user generated, open and participatory workshop-events. In this spirit, we will have whiteboards at both of the Soap Boxes so anyone can propose their own content, conference, conversation or presentation during Super Happy Block Party Hackathon. The entire street itself will be transformed into a collaborative playing field to innovate.

Investor Office Hours

Aspiring entrepreneurs and startups will have full access to more than 25 of Silicon Valley’s top Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists who will hold office hours this Saturday, March 31st, from 2:00 – 7:00 pm during Super Happy Block Party and give interactive feedback in a friendly and open forum. Entrepreneurs can reserve a spot by signing up in advance.

* We will still be Super Happy no matter what the weather brings. Two floors of the High Street Parking Garage have been reserved in case we need to move the Popup Innovation Parking Lot, Hack the Future Tent, the Day Star Yurt & Silent Disco and the Soap Box Stages indoors due to rain.